Neighbourhood Plan


This is a list of all Parish planning related documents published in support of the Neighbourhood Plan. The list includes a link to the Neighbourhood Plan site where you may view / download any document you are interested in.

The following documents support the Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan and together with that Plan, should be referred to when to dealing with planning matters in the Parish.

The documents may be viewed or downloaded at:

Document TitleDescription
Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan Map of the Neighbourhood AreaDefines the boundary of the Neighbourhood Area
Justification of a Minimum Housing Target for the Saham Toney Neighbourhood PlanDescribes and justifies why the minimum housing target for the Neighbourhood Plan exceeds that specified by the Breckland Local Plan
Saham Toney Parish Landscape Character Assessment, January 2019, Lucy Batchelor-Wylam CMLI (3 volumes)Volume 1 classifies the parish in a series of village and rural character areas, and describes the landscape characteristics of each Volume 2 evaluates and defines the landscape sensitivity of a series of settlement fringe areas Volume 3 defines and describes a number of Key Views that warrant preservation
Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan Background Information for An Historic Area AssessmentDescribes the development history of Saham Toney over a 6000+ year period and provides information and context for the Parish landscape character assessment
Saham Toney Independent Site Assessments Report, AECOM, June 2019Evaluates whether sites with potential to be allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan are suitable for development, and where applicable identifies constraints on that suitability
Saham Toney Site Selection Report, 2nd Edition, May 2020Includes further site assessments by The Local Highways Authority, the Lead Local Flood Authority and Anglian Water Considers the development constraints identified by the four sets of site assessments and identifies mitigations for them where possible Reviews potential sites for policy and sustainability compliance Describes a set of selection criteria and rates each potential site against them Ranks the potential sites and determines which are suitable for allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan Assesses the potential landscape impact of larger sites / groups of sites Includes consideration of the results of various other studies and assessments
Reasoned Justification for Policy 6: Heritage AssetsExplains and justifies reasons for the designation of a series of non-designated heritage assets in the Neighbourhood Plan
Saham Toney Heritage Asset RegisterA ‘live’ register of all heritage assets in the Parish
Reasoned Justification for Policy 7C: Local Green SpacesExplains and justifies how Local Green Spaces were selected for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan
Saham Toney Masterplanning Report, AECOM, February 2020Examines layout options for the larger sites allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan Provides indicative site layout drawings for each option studied Appraises the potential landscape impact of each option Makes recommendations as to the preferred options
Saham Toney Transport Study, AECOM, April 2020Evaluates the potential impact of allocated sites, individually and collectively, on the local road network Provides indicative site access drawings for each allocated site Addresses concerns raised by the Local Highways Authority concerning certain allocated sites
Saham Toney Parish Design Guide, 3rd Edition, September 2020Provides detailed guidance on how to implement the requirements of the Neighbourhood Plan’s design policies
Saham Toney Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Design Manual, September 2020Explains why rigorous approached to surface water drainage are required in Saham Toney Provides information on the principles of SuDS Sets out the required design methods and options to implement the requirements of the Neighbourhood Plan’s surface water management policies
Saham Toney Parish Housing Needs Assessment, 3rd Edition, April 2020Evaluates housing needs in the Neighbourhood Area and makes recommendations as to how best to address those
Saham Toney Flood Risk Study, Create Consulting, May 2020Provides an overview of existing surface water flood issues Assesses the Neighbourhood Plan’s policies that deal with surface water drainage and flood risk, and makes recommendations to improve them
Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report, AECOM, February 2020Describes the way in which Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Plan was undertaken Comments on the scoping report from statutory consultees are addressed in the environmental report
Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment Report, AECOM, October 2020Assesses the Neighbourhood Plan at various stages of its development for potential impact on key sustainability and environmental objectives Concludes that overall, the Plan has a positive impact
Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment, AECOM, September 2020Assesses the Neighbourhood Plan at various stages of its development for potential impact on internationally designated sites Makes recommendations to mitigate any potential impacts Concludes that the Plan has an extensive policy framework to protect the conservation objectives of European sites
Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan Equalities Impact AssessmentEvaluates the compatibility of the Neighbourhood Plan with human rights

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