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10th July 2020 

We are using this page to keep you updated about Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Saham Toney

The number of Covid-19 cases in now being calculated using a new formula

As at 1740 (5.40 pm) yesterday there were 2854 cases in Norfolk an increase of 3 and 431 in Breckland an increase of 1

The social distance rules remain in force. ANYONE can catch the virus and ANYONE can spread it


The “social distance” is 2 metres (6 feet)

From Saturday 4th July pubs, restaurants and hairdressers may re-open

Although Government guidance allows the reopening of outdoor play areas and gyms, Saham Toney Parish Council is unable to meet the necessary steps set out by Government to make these areas Covid Secure. There are also safety repairs to be carried out and therefore the play park and outdoor gym must remain closed until further notice

The play park is to be cleaned and maintenance work carried out on 19 July at 0900 (9.00) and will, hopefully, be re-opened. There is a lot of cleaning down of moss and algae to be done and any volunteers to help would be welcome. 

From Monday 1st June, groups of up to six people from different households will be able to meet outside in private gardens and open spaces as long as the social distance is maintained. You may have BBQs or picnics. You may go through the house to reach the garden if necessary and you may use the toilet but you must wash your hands each time and clean anything you touch. Hugging is still banned. Vulnerable people who are “shielding” must remain in isolation and this may be the case for “several months”, although from Monday they may see one person from another household in the garden, but must observe the social distance

From Saturday 13th June, an adult living alone will be able to form a “support bubble” with one other household. They may act as if they lived in that household and the 2-metre rule will not apply.  People who form a “bubble” will, therefore, be able to spend time together indoors and stay overnight in each other’s homes. This means couples who have been kept apart by the lockdown restrictions could be reunited and single parents would be able to combine with another household. It is emphatically not designed for people who don’t qualify to start meeting inside other people’s homes, because that remains against the law

From Monday 15th June, a face-covering MUST be worn on All public transport. Failure to wear a face-covering means you will be refused travel and may face a fine

You may go back to work.  If you cannot work from home, please try to avoid public transport if possible

  The police now have powers to issue on-the-spot fines of between £100 and £3200 to those who break the rules

Konectbus will change their timetables on 26th July. Their contact is or 03300 539358

National Express will introduce a reduced timetable from 1st July

Some supermarkets are offering “elderly and vulnerable” times at their shops and some are offering special delivery slots for those in isolation. Please see their websites or telephone your local store for more information.  Please do not buy more than your needs

 In the meantime, you can all help everyone to avoid infection by following the Government guidelines. These include keeping 2 metres, about 6 feet (the “social distance”), or more,  from other people, this is vital in preventing the spread of this disease. Sneeze or cough into a tissue (then bin the tissue) and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water, as many as 10 times a day.  Stay clean, stay safe. The virus can be passed in water droplets exhaled from the mouth and nose, so keeping the “social distance” from others will help prevent the infection from spreading. Try not to touch your face, mouth or eyes

The Parish Council have recruited a team to help those who are isolated in accordance with Government policy.  If you are able and willing to help, please contact one the following:-    Nick Creek. 01953 883075, 07941604240,  or Jill Glenn. 01760 441738, 07774969681,                         

If you are elderly or with medical problems and would like someone to contact you or if you need help with shopping etc please get in touch with the above persons

Please observe the guidelines, stay clean and stay safe and well

Now wash your hands