What's on in Saham Toney

The bench at the bus stop in Richmond Road has been removed due to rot making it dangerous. It will be replaced as soon as possible 

The Post Office will be open on Thursdays from 1 to 2 pm.

Only ONE person at a time in the PO and you must wear a MASK



A scheme to improve the drainage at the top of Pages Lane has been briefed and is included on the list of work.  At present, it not possible to say when this scheme will be done but it is a high priority.

In addition, the Flood and Water Management Team has put in place the following actions:

Map out ditches that need urgent maintenance works and pursue funding for clearing these out as soon as possible as a one-time goodwill gesture.  This will help drain the highway much more efficiently.  There will be a follow-up letter drop to riparian owners highlighting the need to keep the ditches fit for purpose.  For this, the relevant landowners need to be identified.  We can all contact landowners reminding them of their responsibilities, however, enforcement is difficult and sometimes a costly and time-consuming legal process. Some ditches have been cleared in Pages and Chequers Lane but there is still work to be done.

This will also help with the Saham Toney Risk Mapping Project taking place over the next 6 months. Survey work for this will also help identify areas in need of maintenance on the mainstream (Watton Brook).

From a long term perspective, the Lead Local Flood Authority is working with landowners to look into upstream attenuation using nature-based solutions and a way of reducing debris-laden flows towards trash screens and areas prone to blockage.


Anglian Water contractors (RPS) are to carry out surface water investigations in Saham from 22 February to 29 March. The work will include an external survey where they will need access to any manholes and roof drainage pipes in the grounds of the property. To facilitate this, the surveyor may need to gain access to your land. The inspection should take an hour at the most

The contractors will carry ID Cards which you are requested to inspect. If you have any queries about the identity of the staff or are unsure, please refuse entry and contact The Anglia Water Bogus Caller Service on 0800 145 145 and quote the reference number on the AW Contractors ID Card who can authenticate the validity of the supplier.

Anglian Water is also surveying the sewer pipes to discover where runoff water is entering the sewers. They will then seal the pipes.

We need “eyes and ears” in the village to tell us of things we may miss, so if you see anything you think we should know please contact us on the numbers below

If your home and/or attached garage were flooded please let us know. We need this information to re-enforce our case for action.

There are still problems with the foul sewer pipes, especially in Chequers Lane. Anglian Water is aware, these problems have been reported and are being actioned

If you have any information, ideas or questions please contact me on 01953 883075, 07941604240 or creek.nick@gmail.com, or Jill Glenn, the Parish Clerk, on 01760441738 or jillglenn6@gmail.com.